Wax Warmer
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Wax Warmer

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Creating a welcoming ambiance doesn’t end with décor. Introducing scents into the mix enhances your home with dazzling fragrance. Wax warmers are a form of diffuser that gradually heats up your choice of wax to release scent into your space. An impactful way to introduce new aromas.  A contemporary twist on classic candles, with portioned wax you can transition from one scent to another in a flash.

Simply place a wax melt on top of the warmer, place an unscented tea light in the bottom, light it.  And enjoy the wonderful scents and fragrances the wax melt provides.

To safely use:

Always use care when using.  Burn within sight.  Keep away from things that catch fire.  Keep away from children and pets.  Alow candle and warmer to cool completely before handling.  Only burn on a level, heat & fire resistant surface.  Never burn for more than 4 hours at a time.