About Us



My name is Melissa Minor, and I'm the owner and founder of Mel's Skin Laundry Co.

I'm a wife, mum of three, a property manager, a baker, a crafter and a DIY'er.

What started as a little soap hobby, has grown over the pandemic; I found I had time to research and examine the products that went into my soaps.  I spent hours pouring over books, looking at websites, testing other soaps, finding what I liked  (and what I didn't!), and was fascinated by the techniques that other soapers developed.  I worked on my recipes, and sourced natural, organic ingredients, and found what I think is a very special bar of soap.  I want to thank all of my initial testers!  

There's alot of science and chemistry behind the process of making an environmentally, friendly soap, right down to precise measuring, the melting, mixing and combining of butters, oils, fragrances and colourants, and the saponification process, the point when soap becomes soap. 

But to be honest, I simply handcraft bars of soap your body will love.