Solid Dish Soap
Solid Dish Soap
Solid Dish Soap
Solid Dish Soap
Solid Dish Soap
Solid Dish Soap
Solid Dish Soap
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Solid Dish Soap

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Introducing your new favourite dish soap: the ultimate plastic-free and environmentally friendly answer to your dishwashing needs. Crafted from natural ingredients, this concentrated solid soap isn't just kind to your dishes but also the planet. Its solid composition means no packaging, making it a sustainable choice instead of your traditional liquid dish soap.

Its mighty and powerful for it's size!  Effortlessly eliminating grease and food residue without any leftover streaks or residue. Thanks to its enduring and concentrated formula, just a small quantity is sufficient to achieve sparkling clean dishes, offering a budget-friendly choice.

We currently offer one fragrance, with Lime Essential Oils.  You can opt for the bundle with our scurbbing brush, and Swedish dish cloth, or bring back your ramekin for a refill.


  1. Can be used throughout the house (beyond dishes) - it's fantastic on car mats
  2. Light lime scent
  3. Has a refill option that you can pop into your existing ramekin
  4. Cuts through grease and grime
  5. Long Lasting
  6. One size: 8 oz.
  7. Dimensions: 3 in. diameter x 1.5 in tall.
  8. 100% plastic-free packaging, re-usable ramekin.

How to Use:   Remove excess food bits from dishes. Wet a dish brush or sponge and rub it on the solid dish soap to create a lather. Apply the soapy brush to dishes and scrub away food, grease, and grime. Rinse well. Any temperature water should work, but warmer water tends to be more effective. For best results, pair with our dish scrubber or brush.


  1. Organic Coconut Oil, Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Organic Castor Oil,  Organic Lime Essential Oil, 

For external use only, discontinue use if irritation occurs. 

Weight: approximately 100 g / 4 oz