Hemp Massage Bars
Hemp Massage Bars
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Hemp Massage Bars

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Just in time for Valentine's Day!

Our solid lotion massage bars are meticulously crafted with moisturizing Fair Trade organic cocoa butter and organic shea butter, both naturally rich in vitamin E. We have also selected the finest quality organic hemp seed oil to round out our skin-loving massage bar.  

Scented with Namaste fragrance oil, the sweet, fruity notes and warm spicy undertones will envelope you in a sense of peace and tranquility, helping you to focus on the present moment.

How to use: Gently melt the bar directly onto dry skin and massage the luxurious oils and butters in. If the bar feels cold, start by warming it between your hands to facilitate melting. Our Lush massage bars are generously infused with oils, allowing you to apply as much or as little as desired, and re-apply as needed.

Melting caution: Store the massage bars in a cool place away from direct sunlight. During exceptionally hot weather, consider storing them in the fridge to prevent any potential melting mishaps.